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segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011


I was kind of a fool to "think" and spread what Nibiru would do to us. It would get in the way of our evolution process if it really came. Yes, it's a planet but it won't come to us. i don't know how or even if it was put out of the way by other alien species. it becomes hard for them (the ones who help) to control the outcome of major events here on Earth. All of the matrix is unstable at this point, due to the transition into the 4th Dimension.
If you want to taste a little of it, read about Astral Projection.
I was there (4th density/dimension) and it's amazingly bright and colourful. Becomes a natural action when frequency is raised.
Harmonious and happy feelings are more frequent when you raise frequency. Not all of us can get there.
Given that, you either stay here with Mother Earth or go explore the Cosmos for the most suitable task you can think of doing. But please don't give up on this Blue little ball...
No concept of time or space. at least not as we know it in the 3rd density. and even time is becoming "shorter" for me in this reality... have you felt it in the last months? bizarre.
To come across a Stargate soon enough? maybe. they have the technology to do it.
hollywood gives away info in your face. so much for Fiction.

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