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quarta-feira, 3 de agosto de 2011

Near the End of a Cycle

 Ancient Anunnaki may hold the answer that goes beyond Science and Religion. They took they're own DNA
and mixed it with the Homo erectus (and a small amount of other animals )
Thus Homo Sapiens was born.

From a Planet approximately the size of Jupiter, called Nibiru, it comes every 3600 years near Earth, which means 2012 will not be the first time for Humans to experience them.
The Sumerians seem to had the most contact with the reptilian hybrid species.
No, not the big sized head and grey skin. Those are called Zetas.
Another kind of extra-terrestial are Pleiadians.

Just like us, humans, but living in a far open star cluster (a group of thousands of stars )
Far more advanced (and beautiful) than us, living in a higher frequency. Here on Earth we live in a frequency of about 7.8 Hz, it affects our evolution and state of mind.

Well, since it's not enough to wake people up to an higher state of consciousness (in a massive number), our friends will pay us a visit somewhere in 2012 (may or may not be in 21 December) to take the ones who are awaken/enlightened . As far as finding a good tall mountain to avoid the raising sea level ( due to the aproximetry of Nibiru ), i'm sure you won't think twice as soon you know something's not right. I'll keep posting as the next months unfold.
If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it's possible to see a second sun through infrared devices.

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